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Diversified jute products are becoming more and more valuable to the consumer today. Jute, the Golden Fibre as it is called, is a natural versatile fibre which is 100% bio-degradable and thus environment friendly. It has a silky lustre with high tensile strength and low extensibility. Being annually renewable and bio degradable, it plays a very important role in environment protection.

Jute being one of the oldest industries in India has traditionally been used for packaging. However its versatility is only coming to light now as the world looks on for natural options to save the environment. The time has come for this natural fibre to take over with the ideal solutions for the modern world

We delight in making a wide range of bags from jute. See our range of jute shopping bags, jute carry bags, jute promotional bags, jute rice, tea & spice bags, jute wine bags, jute bottle bags. If you are looking to make strongly individualistic statement you may wish to discuss the special fabrics we have developed for our value added customers. Ask about our Jute developments.

We additionally offer the following customized options to you to choose from like variety of handles, card board bottoms, pockets, snap buttons, zippers, Velcro closures, laces, advertising inserts, printed logos.
Jute fibre is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable and thus environmentally friendly.
It is the cheapest vegetable fibre procured from the bast or skin of the plant's stem.
It is the second most important vegetable fibre after cotton, in terms of usage, global
  consumption, production, and availability.
It has high tensile strength, low extensibility, and ensures better breathability of fabrics.
  Therefore, jute is very suitable in agricultural commodity bulk packaging
Jute is totally free from narcotic elements or odour.